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Different Types Of Disabilities

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What is a disability?

Disability can be defined as anything that restricts you from doing or completing routine tasks, which other people easily do. Some times if the disability is physical it can be known to all, but if your disability is mental then their are chances that even the person having it not aware of it. There are different types of disabilities which are mainly divided under two roots namely physical disability and mental disability.

Some people are born with disabilities while other acquire them later in their life as a result of any accident or medical condition.

Disabilities are no more considered something that stops you from doing anything in your life.  In fact there are many disability centers and disability support services in melbourne which help people complete all their tasks themselves and compete in the society like other individuals. NDIS providers can help people get good offers and plans from disability centers to secure the future of their loved one.

Physical disability:

There are different kinds of physical disabilities that one can have. Physical disabilities with its name shows that it refers to something from your body that is not working properly like your eyesight, hearing issues, walking disability, or disability to move any specific part of the body. If we start considering even the tenuous things, if your ability of vision is not too bad like, but you do not have a perfect vision, even then you are said to have a sight disability. There are many people who cannot hear out of one ear, or they hear with a high voice they are considered in the people having hearing disability.

One of the most common type of disability that is effecting number of people now days is eyesight disability. There are millions of people who start using glasses from the very early age. If any one is wearing glasses they definitely have the eyesight disability. When it comes to claim disability from NDIS you can do it even if you have a bad vision because you will said to be a disabled person having sight disability. Vision issues sometimes occur with age,  but it is a physical disability which can be claimed and above all it can be a big trouble for the person having it.

Similarly people have hard-time hearing, they may have a hearing disability. That does not mean you have to be completely deaf to qualify as having a hearing disability. If any one uses a hearing aid, they are also considered to have a hearing disability.

Mental disability:

Mental disabilities can be claimed if any one has difficulty completing  daily activities, or if they cannot communicate normally with other people. In some cases mental disabilities are acquired at birth, but some times it is obtained from a drastic accident or any trauma. Mental disability has further sub branches which also include depression and stress or reading and communicating issues.