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Installation Of Double Glazed Windows

benefits of double glazing

Basic information on double glazed windows many of us lack is: what is double glazing? Well, the answer to this is quite simple. There are two glass panes stuck to each other with a space between them. The margin varies from 6mm to 20mm, depending on the type you choose. This gap between the panes explains a lot of benefits of double glazing. The performance of double glazed windows depends on the quality of glass and what type of material is used to manufacture it. provides a variety of double glazed windows with customizing options available for their consumers.

The next question arises in mind: is the process to get it installed complicated?

The answer to this question is NO, and it is fundamental and easy to install double glazed windows. Since this process is new in Australia, there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion regarding it.Double glazed windows can install these windows anywhere you like, at your home, office, or any of your property. The installation process can be summarized as follows:

Once you are sure about installing double glazed windows, a consultant from the team at EDG comes to your place to check and make a quotation. The service of sending a consultant is free (no cost at all). The person will first jot down what is going in the client’s mind and then suggest any changes based on their experience. Most people tend to get it installed due to noise cancellation of the traffic/street noise. In contrast, others are more concerned about getting their homes thermal insulation that eventually reduces the energy costs. After a detailed meeting, the consultant will provide a quotation based on every person’s individual needs.

The next step is all due to the client, if he accepts the quote and gains knowledge about the benefits of double glazing, he will be asked to deposit a certain amount, and the manufacturing process starts right away. Elite Double Glazing will send a second consultant towards you to make sure if there are any crooked windows or walls if there will be any so the team at the company will fix it first. The process is done very carefully, observing minor details that ensure that the maintenance does not cost much later. During this stage, the glass type and the frame it will fit in are decided. Manufacturing will be done according to the individual’s preference if there will be a need for custom-made windows. The factory starts its procedure of fabricating units and completing their final process. It is made sure that everything is done in time to give the client a date of their new windows to be installed. The double glazed windows cost is not changed here compared to the quotation regardless of any significant damage detected by the second consultant. The team does the final process. They come to your place and install your new windows/doors, ensuring you gain the benefits of double glazing. For more information visit our website: