Network Of Logistics And Order Fulfillment Stages


Logistics is entirely different approach from courier services. In couriers, orders are delivered while in case of logistics the entire process from start to end is monitored, to check over the flow of operation. It is a system that smoothly runs from the purchase or manufacture, storage for temporary basis, dispatch of orders and delivery of received order by the consumer. Thus, it functions from the source of origin of products to the point of consumption by the clients. Order fulfilment is basically the last step of warehouses processing. When a dispatched order of any kind, reach the final location of consumer, fulfillment is completed. It is truly meant to be a supply chain that involves the multiple processes of receiving, preparing, stocking, packaging, dispatching and shipment of online orders registered by clients. Hundreds of people are recruited in carrying out these steps that are necessary to ensure that the order is handed over the final person.


Logistics is a compilation of different technical activities concerned with planning, implementation, design and maintenance of resources along with final shipment and delivery of physical items to consumers. This is branch of management that deals with every kind of commercial and domestic goods with number of officials involved in the performance. The logistics network is spread over different members contributing in their respective area of control like manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, distribution houses, warehouses, retailer outlets and shipping industries etc.  

Logistics is a challenging and difficult task sets that act as linkers between two different parties like producers and suppliers, retailer to consumer etc. This approach is beneficial in identifying the idea or strategy needed to conduct the manufacturing to transport along with requirements and factors that can influence the process.

Stages of order fulfillment

The procedures involved in order fulfillment are carried with great supervision and care as one mishandling can ruin the efficiency of the entire supply chain. The processes involved can be carried in accordance to standard rules and regulations depending upon the nature of physical goods manufactured and being transported. However, if there is no much severity in the items the processes can be customized too. There are five major steps involve in order fulfillment which are as follows

  • Incoming of physical items from manufacturers, wholesalers and producers lie farms etc.
  • Receiving of bulk amount of goods by distribution center
  • Storage at warehouses for temporary basis
  • Processing of goods through picking, packaging and arrangement
  • Final shipping of online orders to the consumer either for commercial or domestic use

Companies and manufacturers make financial profits by making items and selling them out to public. Thus, the stages of order fulfillment are not completed until the released order is received by clients on the other end.


Logistics are completed duration between manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, warehouses and consumers. Order fulfillment is only achieved once the online orders are finally received by clients. Until, then supply chain is not properly executed. For more information please contact: www.npfulfilment.co.nz