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Salient Features Of Aboriginal Dreamtime Artwork





Dreamtime is an artwork used for describing the key features of existence and beliefs. According to aboriginals, the aboriginal artwork has very old roots and artists used them for transmission of knowledge from generation to generation through songs, ceremonies, stories and art. For building a sense of self recognition, obligation of laws and family harmony dreamtime artwork has a major role. Dreamtime artists usually use the natural things for storytelling like trees, roots, rocks and mountains or map. The paintings has a continuous practice of songs, ceremonies, rocks and body paintings that are many years old. The footsteps of aboriginal dreamtime artwork is more than 65,000 years back in Australia. 

Features of aboriginal dreamtime artwork  

The dreamtime artwork is related to the religious and cultural beliefs. Dreaming is an environment where aboriginals were and are breathed. It always covers the importance of place. The aboriginals believes that this world is a creation of their ancestors or masters and its roles, rules and regulations are also awarded by them. The main feature of aboriginal dreamtime artwork is to focus on transmission knowledge about culture and initiative of life. In ancient times, dreaming art was related to songs, ceremonies and natural shapes but as the world emerged out with the time the artwork included some shapes into it. This artwork is related to the intermittence of the people and their cultural traditions.  

Preservation of culture and traditions  

The aboriginal dreamtime artwork is an effective preservative tool for the traditions cultures and beliefs. The artists used songs, paintings and ceremonies for transmission of information to the new generation about their thousand years old traditions. It is all about the exploration, and observation of the world by the ancestors. This artwork played a role of social connectivity as the techniques of painting were shared with friends and family and other relatives too. So the sharing of traditional skills with the new generation worked as social networking. 

As far as the ceremony is concerned, it is very essential part of the culture of aboriginals. Body art is also one of the key expressions of dreaming art. It shows the relation of a person with family, surroundings, lace and behaviour with an animal. The aboriginals used to paint their bodies with some symbolic patterns to show the true meanings of culture and connection between individual with community. The dream artists indicates their deeply heart beliefs through aboriginal dreamtime artwork instead of words. MBANTUA is the art gallery and have broad knowledge of dreamtime artwork and sell an excellent range of art pieces. If you are more concerned with the information regarding aboriginal dreamtime artwork, please feel no hesitation and visit the website 

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