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Things To Know While Buying Horse Float

The horse float is very common in Australia. The horse floats are the perfect way to make your horse travel. Depending upon the number of horses, you want to accompany while travelling, you can buy various types of horse float like horse angle load float or square front horse float. The horse floats have become popular because it takes years to raise a horse and you don’t want that they get hurt while transporting them from one place to another. People are very fond of their horse and the horse needs care, so you can’t risk handing over any third party to move. But buying the horse float is not simple. Yes, you can find the horse float for sale online or at a float manufacturer, but there are many factors you should be considering before buying the horse float.

Usually, people like to build their horse float, because it gives them the liberty to select the features, they want in their horse float. In QLD, you can easily get the horse float for sale in melbourne but might be you will be unable to find the right fit for your horse. Maybe you want a special extra feature in every horse float that is available for sale. People prefer to build them as per their specifications, as the horse float is not a cheap item and you don’t want that your investment in horse float gets in vain after a year or two. So, always keep following things in your mind before making the decision.

Straight or angle Load:

You can get the square front horse float, in which the horse can stand straight. Same you can also select the angle load. It depends upon the number of horses you want to load in the horse float. The square front horse float has the entry from the front door but in the case of angle float, the horse can travel with more convenience as horses prefer angled stance.


The exterior height matter but more importantly, the interior height is critical. Usually, the interior height of the horse float is around 2.2-2.3 meters. That can provide ample space for the horse to stand. The less height will make the horse uncomfortable as they should have extra space over their head. Always be sure which interior height to choose, in case of angle load float or square front horse float.


The brakes are a must for safety. There are two options for horse float brakes. One is hydraulic and the other is electric. If you want to play safer, then choosing the electric brake will be better because their control is in the vehicle. So, the driver of the vehicle is not only in control of the vehicle’s brake but also can control the horse float brake. For further details